Hi, I am Cathleen Sarti, a historian for early modern European history, especially for the Scandinavian and the British kingdoms. Of course, the history of these countries has much to offer, too much, and that’s why I focused my research interests a bit more: I am mostly interested in the political culture of these kingdoms in the 16th and 17th century, and I am fascinated by the question of how and what people in these communities thought in regards to political questions.

This question of how ideas and practices of authority („Herrschaft“ in German which covers also an understanding of rule, power, government, etc.) was also one of my key questions for my PhD-thesis on the depositions of monarchs. I don’t want to tell too much before you got a chance to read the book (which I am preparing right now), but I can definitely say that what people did and said in political crisis was definitely something other than what they usually said.

At the moment, I am translating my thesis to English for publication, and also preparing some new projects to dig even deeper into the political culture of Northern Europe. So much to do, so little time!


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